RAVE: What the Pho? — PhoNomenon Noodle & Grill

RAVE: What the Pho? — PhoNomenon Noodle & Grill

story and photo by Christopher M. Halleron

Look… we’re as disappointed as the next guy that someone would go through all the time and effort to set up a Vietnamese Noodle Shop here in Hoboken and not call it “PhoBoken.”*

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That said, PhoNomenon Noodle & Grill is still well worth the visit.

While the cool kids in Manhattan sip “bone broth” for $9/cup, you can stop by PhoNomenon Noodle & Grill (516 Washington Street) and get a bona fide meal for the same price.

To the uninitiated, Pho is simply a noodle soup with a variety of herbs and thinly sliced meat, combined with a rich, revitalizing broth. Perfect for cold weather or a rough night—we’re talking the kind of soup that will cut through the toughest flu, or the thickest hangover.

While they’re menu is extensive, the Pho Thai (Beef Broth Soup with Eye Round Steak) is more than a pick-me-up, it’s like a best friend.

We’ve even toyed with the notion of throwing in a bit of vodka… call it a “Ho Chi Mary”*

(*Rights Reserved)

Sounds like a bloody-good idea!


Authored by: hMAG