ROCKIN’ JOAQUIN: A Pre-Hurricane Playlist

ROCKIN’ JOAQUIN: A Pre-Hurricane Playlist

by Jack Silbert

Sandy sucked really, really badly. In an adding-insult-to-injury situation, I hated that I couldn’t listen to my tunes during that week without electricity. Three years later, Hurricane Joaquin is making his way north. I am hoping beyond hope that it doesn’t pummel Hoboken, or the Jersey Shore, or the Carolinas, or anybody anywhere. In the meantime, take the proper precautions — “better safe than sorry” applies to hurricanes much, much more than to Facebook privacy hoaxes — and crank up the jams.

10. Scorpions — “Rock You Like a Hurricane”

Please rise and remove your caps for the national anthem of hurricane songs.

9. Bob Dylan — “Hurricane”

This song is not about a tropical storm, it’s about boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, wrongly convicted of murder. Carter was born in nearby Clifton and the crime took place in Paterson. (Dylan runner-up: “Shelter From the Storm”)

8. The Left Banke — “There’s Gonna Be a Storm”

Most famous for their smash hit “Walk Away Renee,” the Left Banke were masters of baroque pop. And you know what I say: If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it. Bonus points to this song for sounding extremely ominous.

7. Lone Justice — “Shelter”

In the aftermath of Sandy, Hoboken’s Community Emergency Response Team operated shelters for displaced residents. Let’s hope it’s not necessary this time. Bonus points for the song being co-written and produced by New Jersey’s own Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band. (Lone Justice runner-up: “After the Flood”)

6. Bruce Springsteen — “Lost in the Flood”

And speaking of E Street… (Sending protective thoughts to Asbury.)


Authored by: hMAG