UP IN SMOKE: Hoboken’s Infamous ‘Vape Van Guy’ Arrested By Narcotics Task Force

UP IN SMOKE: Hoboken’s Infamous ‘Vape Van Guy’ Arrested By Narcotics Task Force

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Here’s an update on Hoboken resident Joseph Ruggiero, a.k.a. Vape Van Guy.

You may remember Ruggiero from his ghastly tirade back in early May of this year involving anti-immigrant hate speech, racial epithets and random “Trump” rhetoric, which prompted city officials to call for the ban of his “Vape Van” from the streets of Hoboken.

hMAG just received this Press Release from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office:

DATE: Friday, July 7, 2017


Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez has released the following information:

On July 6, 2017, following a brief investigation, members of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Narcotics Task Force arrested a Hoboken man for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and additional narcotic related offenses. Joseph Ruggiero, age 27, of Hoboken, was arrested after a court authorized search of his residence on Garden Street in Hoboken led to the recovery of marijuana.

Ruggiero was charged with the following: Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana in violation of N.J.S. 2C:35-5a and N.J.S. 2C:35-5b(12); Distribution of Marijuana within 500 feet of a Public Park in violation of N.J.S. 2C35-7.1; and Distribution of Marijuana within 1000 feet of a School in violation of N.J.S. 2C:35-7.
Prosecutor Suarez credited the Narcotic Task Force, and, the K-9 Unit of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office who assisted with the arrest.

The above charges are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. R.P.C.3.6(b)(6).

photo courtesy of the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office

photo courtesy of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office

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