Super Bowl Prediction: SNOW?

Super Bowl Prediction: SNOW?

Nobody wants to hear another damn word from the media about the weather.

The stink of failure still wafts in the air after last week’s fantastic forecast clusterfunk… and although we pride ourselves on our typically measured response to overblown weather prognostication here at hMAG, admittedly even we are guilty of submitting to the hype.

So we got it wrong… but that doesn’t mean it will never snow again.

The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER STORM WATCH for Hoboken on Sunday night into Monday.

When a WATCH is issued, it means conditions are favorable that the even will occur. In this case, we’re looking at the potential for:


Icing on roads and sidewalks
Freezing Rain, Sleet and Snow—accumulating between 5 and 10 inches
Winds around 25-30 mph
Temps fluctuating between the mid 20s to the mid 30s

This means we could have a pretty sloppy start to the week.


Fair question… here’s the answer:

This is a pretty straightforward system, one that is simply rolling across the Midwest now and making its way into our region Sunday night. It isn’t some wildly catastrophic forecast contingent on a “bombogenesis,” which would create some Hollywood-style Hellstorm. It’s just as good, ol’ fashioned weather system—headed our way… in February. So it’ll probably snow.

The City of Hoboken has asked residents who are parked on Snow Emergency Routes to be prepared to move their vehicles.

Bottom line: We won’t go as far as to issue our BUY BEER NOW WARNING, and you can likely forgo the milk and bread run for this one. Just be prepared to have Super Bowl party leftovers for breakfast, because Hoboken Weather on Monday morning could be kind of messy.

Now you know. Do with this information what you will…

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