Why Yes, It IS Cold…

Why Yes, It IS Cold…

This is one of those weekends when climate change deniers get to raise their styrofoam cups and toast their own dimwittedness with inane statements like “so much for global warming… ah-yuk, ah-yuk, ah-yuk…”

Simmer down there, Cletus. A cold snap does not a cooler climate make.

This weekend Hoboken weather will feature some of the coldest temperatures our region has seen in 11 years—which means it has happened before, and if you’re old enough to have gotten this link in your facebook feed, you’re old enough to remember (because no one under the age of 11 uses facebook… Snapchat, yo.)

Hell, why not throw in some super-duper high winds on Saturday and Sunday, just to drive the point home?


Overnight Saturday into Sunday, we’re looking at winds between 25-40 mph, with potentially damaging gusts up to 60 mph. Downed limbs and power outages could represent a serious problem—compounded by the severe cold.

So be ready, and deal with it. Sorry, Valentine’s Day—the forecast calls for whiskey.

But don’t freak out… this too shall pass.

Gone are the days when people used to build makeshift pubs to accommodate the foot traffic on the frozen East River’s
ice bridges

Etching of East River ice bridge, via Gothamist.com

Etching of East River ice bridge, via Gothamist.com

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