BUY BEER NOW: Nor’easter Headed for Hoboken

BUY BEER NOW: Nor’easter Headed for Hoboken

Here at, we’ve made a promise not to cry “wolf” when it comes to winter weather.

Even The Weather Channel is saying that this is the “first blockbuster storm of the season,” which means that all those other “named” storms thus far were pretty much ratings grabs.

This one looks like it might actually hit us fairly hard, so it’s time to sit up and take notice…

As a clipper system heads across the Ohio Valley, it will bring a lot of energy and cold air—a scenario that should intensify into a Nor’easter when it collides with the Jet Stream, providing 30+ mph gusts in our area and the potential of 10-14 inches of snowfall. As with any Nor’easter, Coastal Flooding remains a significant concern for us here in Hoboken.

A Winter Storm Watch will be in place for Hudson County from 1 p.m. Monday afternoon through to midnight on Wednesday, which means Monday night into Tuesday we will likely see the brunt of this storm here in Hoboken.

-have a shovel handy
-get some salt for the sidewalks
-get some food in the house (delivery may not be an option…)
-get beer now

You’ve been warned.

Also, start planting the seed tomorrow with your thick-headed boss about the fact that you’ll probably “work from home” Tuesday, since traffic and transit will be an absolute quagmire.

We all know you’ll spend more time trying to get to work than you would doing actual work… so why not just work from home and do neither???

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