Amy Berenbak — Stylist/Fashion Consultant

Amy Berenbak — Stylist/Fashion Consultant

Everybody is good at something. Nobody is good at everything. Very few people are good at fashion.

You may be a top-notch lawyer, a high-performing realtor, a financial genius or a decent writer—but in fairness, perhaps the nuances of fashion are slightly beyond your grasp.

That’s ok… Amy Berenbak has your back.

Hoboken resident Amy Berenbak is a fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant with over 15 years experience in the industry. After studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Amy worked as a personal stylist and account executive with such renowned names as Cosabella, Diane Von Furstenberg and Bloomingdales.

In addition to styling for photo shoots, Amy now works as an independent fashion consultant.

“Mostly it’s people looking for a change,” said Amy, while working with a client at Peper & Parlor (938 Washington Street)—one of Hoboken’s favorite boutiques. “Some people want to revamp themselves—maybe because they’re starting a new job, a new relationship, a new lifestyle. Or maybe the just want to look better, and in turn feel better about themselves.”

The Process

Rather than starting with the clothes, Amy begins with the person.

“I like to find out where they shop, to get an idea of what they currently wear. Then we talk about a ballpark budget, and discuss what they do for a living—what they do everyday,” said Amy. “They need to be both comfortable AND presentable.”

After getting to know her clients, Amy is then able to scope out three or four locations that would best suit their needs—casual, business and/or formal situations. She then goes in and “pre-shops,” selecting ensembles for her client so that the entire process is streamlined and stress free.

Stylist Amy Berenbak and her client check out the fantastic variety of fashions at Peper & Parlor (938 Washington St., Hoboken).

Stylist Amy Berenbak and her client check out the fantastic variety of fashions at Peper & Parlor (938 Washington St., Hoboken).

Amy introduces her clients to their new look by gradually pushing the envelope throughout the consultation—which typically entails visiting three or four stores, depending upon specific needs or wants.

“It’s important to go a little bit out of the comfort zone, “ said Amy. After all, shedding that same old look is essentially what the process is all about. “Some clients do feel a little vulnerable at first, but you can see the transformation throughout the shopping tour. They might feel iffy about something—then after seeing it on they’ll buy it, they’ll wear it, and then they’ll thank me for getting them to try something different.”

The Results
“I had one client tell me she felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman,” said Amy. “Another told me it was the best day of her life. But across the board, when we’re done my clients are totally happy and feel really good about the way it turns out. They feel confident, well taken care of, and they can’t wait to get dressed and go out!

In addition to shopping tours, Amy will come check out a client’s existing wardrobe, combining it with new purchases to create a cohesive closet—or even conduct a closet audit.

“Even the men are happy,” said Amy. “Once they learn the importance of a good pair of jeans or a good suit, they start to feel better about how they look.”

So if fashion isn’t your thing—or if it is your thing but you just want to improve upon it—Amy Berenbak will help you shop in style. To find out more, visit

Amy Berenbak — Stylist

Amy Berenbak — Stylist

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