Fridays Are For Frank: “Sand and Sea” (Special Hoboken Seal Edition)

Fridays Are For Frank: “Sand and Sea” (Special Hoboken Seal Edition)

Earlier this week, Hoboken was graced by the presence of a seal up at the Shipyard Marina. Not something we see everyday around here, despite the fact that we’re On the Waterfront.

Hoboken Seal

(Ryan Bensley photo)

Many were concerned about the seal’s well-being, and rightly so—because as it turns out, we may have uncovered the reason for the seal’s appearance…

Seemingly animal care workers at the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in Norfolk, England determined that the music of Frank Sinatra helped ailing seal pups—or at least helped them relax while receiving treatments.

What can we say folks, it’s science…

So the swingin’ hipster seal that was hanging out at Pier 13 was either looking for a little dose of Frank to get him through, or perhaps spent time recovering at Hunstanton and came by to pay his respects to Frank.

Or it was just a harbor seal being a harbor seal… swimming in a harbor.

Either way, we were happy to have him. Come back anytime.

Meanwhile, here’s Frank singing “Sand and Sea,” off his 1966 album, That’s Life.

And be sure to visit the Hoboken Historical Museum for more information on their “My Way” Spring Gala, April 25—kicking off the celebration of Sinatra’s centennial. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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