Mayor Zimmer to Open “Passport to Understanding” Exhibit at hob’art

Mayor Zimmer to Open “Passport to Understanding” Exhibit at hob’art

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer will be on hand at the hob’art gallery this afternoon at 1:00 to open “Passport to Understanding,” a mixed-media art exhibition by Ibou Ndoye and Liz Cohen. The exhibit will be open to the public from July 17 through August 9 at Monroe Center of the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, E208, Hoboken, NJ.

Of her contributions to the exhibit, Liz Cohen says, “For years, I’ve been fascinated by the art forms of the indigenous people of the earth, in particular, the Aboriginal people of Australia amongst whom I lived and worked for many years. The colors and symbol system I have created in my works are directly influenced by the art of the Aboriginal culture and other traditional artists I have met in Central and South America, the Caribbean and, Ghana and Nigeria.”Regarding his work, Ibou Ndoye states, “I am a story teller who uses the visual imagery of my life in Senegal and my new life in America to tell the idea that art is universal and that art is for everyone. I like to mix up the traditional African perspective with what I experience here in America to make fresh new images.”
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The artists express pride in the fact that their works are interpretations of the human condition that is understandable for all. The idea that they are able to bridge the often insurmountable divides of culture, language, and religion, proves to them that art is indeed the universal language.The public is invited to come and determine for themselves if Ndoye’s and Cohen’s art does bring further undertanding and appreciation of the “other.”

A reception to meet the artists will be held on Saturday, July 18, from 6-8pm. On Sunday, July 19, the artists will discuss their works and will welcome questions from visitors.

Gallery information can be obtained on the website The building entrance is on 8th Street between Monroe and Jackson streets. Free parking is available at the rear of the building on Jackson Street.


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