HOUSES OF THE HOLY: Led Zeppelin Engagement Comes to Maxwell’s for Halloween — SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28

HOUSES OF THE HOLY: Led Zeppelin Engagement Comes to Maxwell’s for Halloween — SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28

Last time, they literally blew the power at Sinatra Park.

This weekend, the Led Zeppelin Engagement comes to Maxwell’s, pushing the limits of the time-tested fuse box there.

“We embraced the Sinatra Park’s open air and the gorgeous backdrop by choosing tunes that demonstrated Zeppelin’s wonderfully lush and melodic compositions. We did some mandolin and acoustic guitar tunes as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful evening,” says Jaime De Jesus, of ALEO Productions. “I changed the setlist a bit for Maxwell’s. We’re gonna get sweaty and sexy and rock people’s faces off their heads,” he says. “Like Zeppelin does.”
ALEO Productions is responsible for some incredible ensemble musical events, including the David Bowie Engagement, Queens of Soul and The Hoboken Last Waltz.

“Founded by a concrete groove of bass and drums and launched with an incredibly soaring vocal and guitar combination, Led Zeppelin released strong and aggressive rock and roll while respecting and embracing the patience of the blues,” says Jaime De Jesus, of ALEO Productions.

“Their influence in every instrument still resonates strongly in music today, and has educated so many musicians, including our own. The Hoboken music community is excited to share their interpretation of this music that has made such an impact on the world.”

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, an all-star roster from the Hoboken music community will be performing the event as a musical costume for Halloween at Maxwell’s Tavern.

There will be a costume contest with prizes from Maxwell’s—including a pair of tix to this year’s Hoboken Last Waltz.

Maxwell’s Tavern
1039 Washington St.
8pm doors

Tix: – $10 in advance / $15 at the door

Gerry Rosenthal – electric guitar/bass
Julio Fernandez – electric guitar/acoustic
Tommy Strazza – electric guitar/acoustic
Jeff Greenspan – electric guitar/acoustic
Chris Smith – electric guitar
Bill Hamilton – electric guitar
Max Feinstein – electric guitar
Marty O’Kane – electric guitar/bass/vox
James Calleo – acoustic guitar/vox

Peter Bonington – 12-string acoustic/acoustic
Dave Lampert – 12-string acoustic/acoustic
Carlos Haase – acoustic guitar/mandolin
David Ribyat – electric guitar/mandolin/accordion
Ryan Freid – Harmonicas/Mandolin

John Andrew – bass/vox
Leo Main – bass/vox
Greg McLaughlin – bass

Josh Bicknell – drums
Johnny Roccesano – drums
Marty Lowe – drums
Jason Schlusser – drums

Sean-David Cunningham – strings

Valerie Reaper – vocals/strings
Casey Solomon – vocals
Christina Alessi – vocals
Jaime DellaFave – vocals
Dave Calamoneri – vocals
Juliana Roth – vocals
Ross Sandler – vocals
Sylvana Joyce – vocals
Mike Kuzan – vocals
Abbe Rivers – vocals
Dave Entwistle – vocals

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