July 4th Fireworks to Remain on East River

July 4th Fireworks to Remain on East River

Seemingly one of the few moves made by DeBlasio that New Yorkers actually like (zing), the City will bring the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks back to the East River AGAIN, for another year.

“Last year, we brought Macy’s incredible fireworks back to the East River,” said New York’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio. “This year, with barges up and down the river, even more New Yorkers will be able to take part. This celebration will light up the sky for millions in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. There’s no question: this will be a dynamite 4th of July for New Yorkers across the city.”

First they won’t even put us on their Subway maps—now this?!?!

According to a press release:

America’s most explosive party will take place from two locations on the East River in midtown and within the South Street Seaport historic district. Brave, the theme of this year’s show, will fire more than 40,000 pyrotechnic shells during a 25-minute synchronized display. Designed in collaboration with PyroSpectaculars by Souza, the show will be fired from four barges positioned between 23rd and 37th Streets in Midtown and from one double-barge positioned below the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sounds great…

Meanwhile, as smug Gothamists rejoice over their decadent little island party, those of us actually connected to the lower 48 contiguous states are once again left to sit and stare at the backside of Liberty… like the under-appreciated rubes that we are.


What Liberty looks like from the rest of America...

What Liberty looks like for the rest of America…

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