“I TOLD YOU I WAS TROUBLE…”: The Amy Winehouse Engagement Pays Homage to a Vocal Powerhouse — FRIDAY @ MAXWELL’S

“I TOLD YOU I WAS TROUBLE…”: The Amy Winehouse Engagement Pays Homage to a Vocal Powerhouse — FRIDAY @ MAXWELL’S

The first time you heard Amy Winehouse, it was absolutely stunning—like getting hit over the head by a bottle of Tanqueray. In the brief history of 21st Century music, she was as powerful and as enigmatic as any other artist we’ve seen.

“When I think about what makes really successful musicians so interesting,” says singer Carolyn Monroe, “I think that there’s the all or nothing mentality—and I feel like when I look at Amy Winehouse’s career I see that there. Her music is a string of intensely emotional and very personal experiences and she really bares her soul.”

Monroe joined forces with Jaime DeJesus, the creative mind behind The Hoboken Last Waltz and The People’s Open Mic, to spearhead The Amy Winehouse Engagement—this Friday, July 15 at Maxwell’s.

“Amy Winehouse studied many styles, effectively expressing her art in different ways, and is an inspiration to many not just for her raw talent, but for the hard work and dedication that she put into creating something so impactful and beautiful,” says DeJesus. “It is our intention not just to entertain our audience, but to educate them on the depths of her catalogue and talent that goes way beyond her hits and her infamous drug problems.”


Monroe and DeJesus have put together a 12-piece orchestra stocked with superb local musicians from the ever-vibrant scene in and around Hoboken—including a horn section, string section, a solid rhythm section and background singers.

“The ensemble we have for the show is a group of the most talented musicians I’ve had the pleasure to work with,” says Monroe. “It’s intimidating. We have all just been working really hard at it and there’s really nothing that comes without a ton of practice.”

Channeling such a vocally identifiable performer understandably has its challenges.

“This whole experience has left me in awe of the musicianship and craft that went into everything she did. There’s just so much great stuff we had trouble choosing,” says Monroe. “In terms of vocals I tried to stay in her lane but still make it my own and I think that was tough to do simply because you want so badly to emulate her. She’s just so dope. But Jaime gives great direction and he really helps everyone get into the pockets they need to be in.”

“My driving motivation is to put on a show that people will walk out with their brains buzzing,” says DeJesus, “not believing that they saw something this good outside of NYC for only $15. And in our very own Hoboken.”

The show is at Maxwell’s THIS FRIDAY at 8:00.

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Authored by: hMAG