Patricia Gonzalez — Writer

Patricia Gonzalez — Writer

by Diana Schwaeble

Patricia Gonzalez didn’t have to look too far for inspiration for her first children’s book. One day she was watching her fiancé Patrick Armstrong playing with their dog Fenway. She said that the way they interact is very much the way a child would play. A challenge was issued, and Patricia said, “Are you daring me to write a book? Don’t you dare me!”

That dare was a catalyst for Patricia. She started “The Grand Adventures of Paddy and Fenway” in the summer of 2014 and finished it by the end of the year.

The book is based on stories she’s heard of Patrick growing up. “I took the bits and pieces I heard and ran with it,” she said. The character Paddy and dog Fenway get into a little bit of trouble and have a great deal of fun. The book, which was illustrated by Ciro W. Romero, is slated for publication in June. She credits Romero for helping to bring the characters to life with his terrific illustrations.

“It’s a fun read. It’s something the parents and kids can do together,” she said. Ultimately, she sees the book as a series. A fast writer, she already has the outline for books two and three.

To find out more, visit them on Facebook at The Grand Adventures of Paddy and Fenway, Instagram: @PaddyandFenway, or Twitter: Paddy_Fen

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